InsightScan services help understand underlying motivations and ideas through classic qualitative market research methodologies, and with traditional quantitative methods, the representatively of the data is based on gathering data geography or speciality.

We offer: complex market research solutions, from concept to analysis, one of our specialities is research among pharmaceutical and healthcare stakeholders. MarketScan service and solution in every phase of the product life cycle:
Introduction: The goal of any new product introduction is to meet consumers' needs with a quality product at the lowest possible cost in order to return the highest level of profit
Growth: The better you understand your customer, the faster your business will grow
Live: Companies are gathering business intelligence data to improve their company and evaluate new opportunities
Protect: The money earned from the mature products should then be used in research and development to come up with new product
ideas to replace the maturing products

With the use of special analysis techniques, InsightScan provides valid, objective data service based on official Hungarian patient information of the National Health Fund, covering the entire patient population of the country. It is useful for developing marketing and sales strategies, during planning a realistic vision for the future, considering market introduction of new products and mapping sales potential and activity through the objective analysis of actual data.
• switch analysis by brand and competitors
• therapeutic process data mining
• sales force effectiveness, REP’s panel control
• business analysis, brand and competitors
• product loyalty review
• protocol attitudes analysis

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